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Save Money! Save Socks!
Simplify your life with Sock Locks!
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Use Sock-Locks when you take off your socks and before putting them in the hamper.  When the wash is done, simply remove the sock-lock and put your socks away or store your socks with the sock-lock on.

Also called Sock Holders, Sock Sorters, Sock Clips, Sock Rings, Sock Organizers. Doubles also sold under the names Loc-a-Sok and Sok-a-Lok.

We carry Doubles Packs and Mixed Packs of Singles and Doubles 
Orange Sock-Lock White Sock-LockPink Sock-Lock Blue Sock-Lock Red Sock-Lock Lime Green Sock-Lock Buy Now!
Hot Pink Double Sock-LockBlue Double Sock-LockLime Double Sock-LockPurple Double Sock-Lock Buy Wholesale!

Orange Sock-Lock Perfect for keeping similar color (but not exactly matching) socks separate.
Each member of your household could use a different color to make sorting laundry a breeze.

Pink Sock-Lock

Fewer lost and mismatched socks saves you money!
Great for campers and college students.

Compare us to Sock Pro and Sock Cop

What customers say:

"I have been looking for this item everywhere. I use it faithfully and have saved lots of money on socks over the years."

"My husband LOVES your product! Don't ever stop selling these sock locks."

"I have searched for a very long time for sock-locks, but to no avail. Fact is sock-locks are as important to me as sliced bread!"

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