12 Mixed Packs Single and Double Sock-Locks - Random Colors

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12 Mixed Packs of Single and Double Sock-Locks.

Each pack contains one color, 16 single locks and 4 double locks. Order will include 4 colors.

Use Sock-Locks when you take off your socks and before putting them in the hamper. When the wash is done, simply remove the sock-lock and put your socks away or store your socks with the sock-lock on.

Also called Sock Holders, Sock Sorters, Sock Clips, Sock Rings, Sock Organizers. Doubles also sold under the names Loc-a-Sok and Sok-a-Lok.

We carry Doubles Packs and Mixed Packs of Singles and Doubles.

  • Perfect for keeping similar color (but not exactly matching) socks separate.
  • Each member of your household could use a different color to make sorting laundry a breeze.
  • Fewer lost and mismatched socks saves you money!
  • Great for campers and college students.

Order contains 4 colors from the following: 

MIXEDBLUE4 MIxed Blue Sock-Locks Pack of 4 Sheets
MIXEDLIME4 MIxed Lime Sock-Locks Pack of 4 Sheets
MIXEDORANGE4 MIxed Orange Sock-Locks Pack of 4 Sheets
MIXEDPINK4 MIxed Pink Sock-Locks Pack of 4 Sheets
MIXEDRED4 MIxed Red Sock-Locks Pack of 4 Sheets
MIXEDWHITE4 MIxed White Sock-Locks Pack of 4 Sheets
MIXEDYELLOW4 MIxed Yellow Sock-Locks Pack of 4 Sheets