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Double Sock-Locks

Red Double Sock-LockUse each Double Sock-Lock for one pair of medium or heavy-weight socks (e.g., hiking socks, ski socks). Push each sock in the pair through one circle at least one inch.

Double Sock-Locks can also hold two pairs of thin to medium weight socks. Push both socks of one pair through one circle at least one inch.

Mixed Packs of Sock-Locks

Mixed packs of Sock-Locks include both single and double sock-locks.

Graphic of one sheet of sock locks

Single Sock-LockSingle Sock-Locks hold one pair of thin to medium weight socks. Push both socks of one pair through one circle at least one inch.

You can use Sock-Locks at the toe or at the top of your socks.  Make sure you pull the socks through enough to hold them together in the wash.

Try it! Use the buttons to
put on and take off the sock-lock.

at top

sock lock shown at top of socks


at toe

sock lock shown at  toe




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Shipping Schedule
updated 6/15/2014

We process orders weekly on Thursday evening and ship by the following Monday or Tuesday. The time between receipt of payment and when we ship depends on the method of payment.  See the table below.

Method of payment Received by Usually Shipped by
Online Paypal payments, including cleared e-checks

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Thursday, 6 PM EST following Monday
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