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About Us

Distributing sock-locks is family business.  Why are we doing this?   We found sock-locks about 40 years ago in a local grocery store. My husband, Marty, and I use them religiously. We rarely have mismatched socks or a single lonely sock.  And sorting laundry (usually done by Marty) is really easy. We always know whose socks are whose because we each use different colors. This became important when our two sons became teenagers and all our socks were about the same size! 

In the 1990's, when we wanted to buy more --  no, we NEEDED to buy more -- we couldn't find them anywhere.  We carried a sock-lock on our key chains and showed it to friends, asking them if they ever see them in a store, to let us know.  We even tried making them.  It was VERY frustrating.  When we became familiar with the internet we searched for sock-locks online and couldn't find them there either. We promised ourselves that if we ever found them we would make sock-locks available on the internet and save others the frustration we experienced. Thanks to our friend Diane, another sock-locks fan, we finally found them and here we are.

It's been fun to hear from the many sock-lock enthusiasts all around the world, many of whom also had trouble finding sock-locks and are grateful for this website.

In late December 2000, one long-time sock-lock user emailed us about the "Buyer's Edge" column in  the Atlantic Journal Contsitution Newspaper where someone asked where they can find Sock-Locks. We contacted the columnist and she wrote about us in the January 20, 2000 edition. We received many orders from that article. Since then we've been written about in several magazines and newspapers.   You and our other customers our best source of advertising. If you know of anyone else who would appreciate Sock-Locks please let them know about us. And if you would like to help spread the word about Sock-Locks even further,  write to your local newspaper or a magazine to describe how Sock-locks make your life easier. 




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